Mobile IV Therapy

On-demand Mobile IV therapy, Medical services & Wellness treatments delivered to your hotel, office & home. At direct sports medicine, we help you to recover fast, boost energy, & promote wellness with a Mobile IV Therapy.

Mobile IV Therapy and Medical Services

Did you know consuming vitamins orally can cause you to lose more than 80% of their nutritional value? It’s why IV Therapy is the preferred method for administering vitamins, minerals, and fluids into the body. When administered straight into the bloodstream, you bypass the digestive system which diminishes nutrient absorption, offering you far greater benefits for promoting your health.

  • $Mobile IV therapy at your home, hotel or office
  • $Variety of services for wellness and recovery
  • $Wellness treatments shipped to you
  • $Rapid COVID testing options
  • $Testing options for events and large groups
  • $Services administered by certified nurses

Benefits of Using AT Direct

  • Liability Insurance
  • Electronic documentation
  • Access to supplies
  • Sports medicine physician direction
  • Emergency Action Plans prepared prior to event
  • All medical logistics prepared prior to event
  • High quality athletic trainers
  • Concussion baseline and post-injury testing
  • “Ahead of the line” to see the physician
  • Decreased medical costs

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