AT Direct Sports Medicine provides athletic training services for sporting events, schools, tournaments, marathons or a community event in the state of Arizona. We will work with whatever your needs may be!


Contracts can be written for any of your needs! The care of competitive athletes can be challenging. There are unique demands that must be accounted for—including the physical demands of the sport, where specific skills and motions need to be at a higher level.

  • $Practices/Games
  • $Graduate Assistantships
  • $Tournaments
  • $Seasonal contracts
  • $Daily Contracts
  • $Maternity/Sick Leave

Benefits of Using AT Direct

  • Liability Insurance
  • Electronic documentation
  • Access to supplies
  • Sports medicine physician direction
  • Emergency Action Plans prepared prior to event
  • All medical logistics prepared prior to event
  • High quality athletic trainers
  • Concussion baseline and post-injury testing
  • “Ahead of the line” to see the physician
  • Decreased medical costs

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